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A Threshing Machine for Journalism News

Cool new tool from the Nieman Journalism lab, via my mate @MikeFraietta

If you're like me, you're interested in staying ahead of the curve on new digital media tools and trends but have trouble trying to work out exactly what to give your already-divided attention to. Or even how to hear the message amid all the noise.

The Nieman Journalism Lab hears ya - they've just released a new toy that may just help you on that front.  Say hola to Fuego a new web-based interface that helps you separate the digital hay from the web chaff.

Fuego is entirely focused on news and discussion on the future of journalism.

Nieman describes it as a " heat-seeking Twitter bot, our tool that amalgamates the best and most interesting stories the future-of-journalism crowd is talking about on Twitter and presents them to you for quick reading. It’s like being on Twitter all day, without having to be on Twitter all day."

I've only taken a cursory look but I'll be trying it out over the next few days and I'll share my thoughts on how it performs on the road.

My first observations are that it renders tweets in a similar way Flipboard does for the iPad, Taptu does for iPhone and Tweeted Times does for the web.

Do you use any similar tools to help you sift the news?