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Gallery: The cars that ate Miami!

As the actor and one-time rapper Will Smith so eloquently put it in that pop music classic, the brilliantly named Miami,  "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Miami uh, uh."

Having just got back from my first trip to America's 42nd largest city (home of the white linen suit, playground of the rich and famous) I couldn't have said it better myself.

We landed in Miami on the Saturday of the recent Martin Luther King Jr long weekend.

We decided to take the short walk from our hotel to South Beach's famous Ocean Drv (it runs along the ocean, as luck would have it) to find it closed to traffic and a carnival in full swing up the street and down.

We stopped to photograph a sausage dog in a Harley Davidson jacket and sunglasses (yes, really!) and asked the owners, "so what's all this about, then?"

"You picked a great time to visit," the woman in the couple declared over the sound of trashy Europop and alcoholism. "It's Art Deco weekend!" Well, of course it was. Because nothing says architecture preservation better than a bowl of over-priced paella and a giant cocktail with two open beers buried neck first in the blush slush.

We appreciated Art Deco with great gusto that night. So much so that we woke halfway through the next day, our eyes full of grit, our hearts filled with deep contempt for cheap alcohol and all mankind.

But it was Sunday and things were looking up. After daubing our pain with fried foods and zingy beverages, we decided to see if could visit Ocean Drv again, this time without damaging our livers.

Again, the ocean front avenue was closed for a carnival, but today the focus of the celebration was not cocktails and Coronas, but cars. Cars of every shape and color, of every make and model.

We recognized some of the names, but most we just admired because they were big, shiny and beautiful machines. Someone truly loved and looked after them, and it showed.

All the cars got their share of attention but only one car drew a crowd, magnetic like; the DeLorean DMC-12, a real car made in the suburbs of Belfast... and made famous by the Back to the Future trilogy of films in the 1980s.  

(See gallery below for more pictures)

I had to go to Miami to see one.

Below for your viewing pleasure is a gallery of vintage car photos.