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Gentlemint: It's Pinterest for Boys

If you haven't noticed, the social web has been in hyper-drive in the past few months over Pinterest, the tool that lets you digitally cut and paste things you like on the web (think of it as scrapbooking the best bits of the Internet).

According to at least some commentators, the buzz around Pinterest is largely because it is a social platform with a higher uptake among women than men.

Which is why, according to people like Chris Brogan from Human Business Work, you should keep a close watch on a site called "Gentlemint". Gentlemint, Brogan says, is "Pinterest for dudes". Or, as the website itself states, "Gentlemint is a mint of manly things".

But it's not merely its male focus that has gotten Brogan's attention.

"I’m not at all interested in the technology. Frankly, Pinterest works much better. I’m not interested in the longevity. Pinterest has millions and millions of users. Gentlemint is still cozy. Here’s why I think it’s interesting: because it’s very targeted content curation where the network effect isn’t the goal."

So now you've heard about Gentlemint. Now be a good chap and tell us what you think.