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Visiting Ground Zero.

On this freezing New York Saturday, @petstarr and I finally did something we'd been meaning to do for months; visited the World Trade Centre Memorial in downtown Manhattan.

The memorial - a fountain for each of the towers that fell, bordered by the names of those who perished -  was finished literally just in time for the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks in 2011. 
Entry to the 16 acre memorial site is free but access isn't granted lightly. The site is both sacred and still under construction.

Visitors book ahead; queue under the watchful eye of NYPD officers; are watched some more by cameras that line the path to the memorial grounds; have tickets checked twice before being shepherded inside a building for an airport-style security check; leave the building where tickets are verified a third time with the squiggle of a blue texta and checked a fourth and final time before they finally set foot on Ground Zero soil.

But visiting is worth it. Simply, it is beautiful.  For looking at and remembering. Not for posing in front of, smiling widely for happy snaps. And yet they do.