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Make a gaffe? Just walk it back.

He did NOT have sexual relations with those tax cuts.
I've come across a very interesting turn of phrase that apparently gets used quite regularly in journalism here in the US.

Where we might say a politician was forced to do a backflip or U-turn or back-pedal, here politicians are accused of  "walking things back". 
In the same way, say, you'd walk a bike or wayward child back from the edge of a cliff or busy road or someone else's yard.

The other day former president Bill Clinton made some comments about tax cuts under the Bush era which undermined the Obama administration. So he was forced to retract them. 
A journalist from the Wall Street Journal said in an interview;

"Obama's campaign was not happy at all and contacted Bill Clinton's office and as we saw from the audio Bill Clinton has walked that back." 
What do you think? Do you prefer it when your politicians backflip, U-turn, back-pedal or walk their gaffes back?